Become a preferred Eagle Alpha partner and receive qualified sales referrals.


Event (in year one)

FREE invitation to one Eagle Alpha event. No up-front cash cost.
Note: we only invite buyers and sellers to our events.

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to work with you on
your pipeline and conversion.

Monthly sales call

Formal check-in each month to review progress
and agree action points.

Proactive Introductions

For example, we can introduce you to a buyside firm that is buying datasets
in your category. As an aggregator we have this unique insight.
For example, introductions to firms that have active need for your type of data.

Reactive Introductions

For example, you can ask us to introduce you to a new fund
that recently launched.
Maximum: 2 per month.

Roadmap Guidance

Obtain feedback by presenting to Eagle Alpha’s entire team (in person or online).
Route to market advice e.g. sellside, channel partners, strategics, dashboards.
Dataset enhancements e.g. tickerization, introductions to other vendors.

Dataset Quality Testing “Eagle Eye”

Eagle Eye is an analytical testing suite and JupyterHub-based platform developed by Eagle Alpha for data buyers to assess and explore the quality and robustness of your data vs. the alternative data universe. We onboard your full dataset and perform recurring in-depth quality analysis similar to how the buyside would interrogate your data during a trial. Benefits to data vendors include:

  • Reducing the sales cycle for your data by allowing potential customers to focus less time on the basics of quality and more on the alpha potential
  • Getting noticed for your data’s technical attributes by the most sophisticated and serious alternative data buyers
  • Building your reputation for quality and consistency by providing an objective view of your data upfront
  • Helping you identify blind spots and discrepancies before your customers do

Buyside Requests

Latest this year we will launch a new tool that will enable the buyside to submit data
requests to all vendors in our database.
Vendors can elect to respond to these requests.