Component 1
Event Exposure


Get Exposure To The Leading Buyers Of Alternative Data


Component 2
Roadshows: We Are The Only Firm That Organizes Roadshows For Altdata Vendors



Unique: Each roadshow is 1-2 days depending on the location.
Benefits: highest conversion rate of all marketing types, proven method by listed companies for decades.


Component 3
Quality Testing


Unique: Our Proprietary Tool, Eagle Eye, Will Help Your Sales Process.
Benefit: Eagle Eye helps data buyers to assess and explore the quality and robustness of your data vs. the alternative data universe


Component 4
Sales Cycle: Access A Live Database (Our CRM) Of All The Buyers Of Alternative Data


Unique: Track Which Categories And Datasets Are In/Most Demand


Component 5 Exposure


Unique: Obtain Unrivalled Global Exposure 365 Days Per Year.