Add-on 1
Sales Cycle: Shorten Your Sales Cycle And Increase Your Leads

Unique: tailored solution to support the salesforces of alternative data vendors.
Benefits: increase $$$, smart sales, save time and money.
Price: $12k per annum.


Add-on 2
Roadshows: We Can Organize Up To 4 Roadshows Per Annum For You

Unique: Eagle Alpha is the only firm worldwide that provides vendors with custom roadshows.
Benefits: highest conversion rate of all marketing types, proven method by listed companies for decades.
Price: $20k for up to 4 custom roadshows.


Add-on 3
Event Exposure: Attend 4 Top-Class Events In 2019!

Unique: we restrict events to buyers and sellers only.
2019 Events: Singapore March 22nd, NYC 15th May, London October and NYC December.
Benefit: exposure to the leading buyers of alternative data.
Price: $15k, $9k, $6k, $2k.1


Add-on 4 Exposure: Obtain Unrivalled Global Exposure 365 Days Per Year

Unique: Eagle Alpha owns, the leading altdata online TV station.
Benefits: obtain global exposure 365 days per year, Olga’s post on Linkedin obtained >6,500 views.
Price: $15k, $8k and $5k.