Alternative Data Newsletter #36 – November 15th

Key Highlights  Eagle Alpha will be hosting it’s November Monthly Vendor Solutions Webinar between 11:30-12:30 E.T on November 21st, 2019. Join Ed Lavery and Nathan Chang to gain insights into how to succeed in the monetization of alternative data. Vendor Solutions Webinar Join our guest speakers next Thursday to gain key insights into how to succeed in the alternative data … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #35 – November 1st

Key Highlights  Looking to sell into the buy-side, private equity or corporate, meet our Director of Data Sourcing and Partnerships Hugh O’Connor at Web Summit in Lisbon from 4th November to 7th November. Book your meeting with Hugh to discuss the data monetization strategy. Web Summit At Lisbon If you are attending Web Summit at Lisbon, our Director of Data Sourcing and … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #34 – October 25th

Key Highlights  200+ data vendors have uploaded their sample data on the Eagle Alpha platform. Fund Managers will now be able to search vendors with sample data on our platform. A dataset profile that includes sample data and relevant documents, will enable the buyer to understand the deliverable and decide if they want to contact the vendor. … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #33 – October 18th

Key Highlights  5 spots left for our Alternative Data Conference in London on the 15th of November. Sign-up now and avail the opportunity to present forward-looking trade ideas and arrange 1-on 1 meetings. London Alternative Data Conference Join us at our London conference on the 15th of November.  An Eagle Alpha Referral Partner can attend one of … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #32 – October 11th

Key Highlights  Data providers with updated profiles, sample data and data dictionary capture over 80% of the sales leads generated from the platform. Data Vendors are encouraged to log into their profile and upload documents to enable buyers to understand the deliverables. Sample Data In September, over 100 vendors added full documentation to their Eagle Alpha … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #31 – October 4th

Key Highlights  Private Equity Roundtable Eagle Alpha is hosting a PrivateEquity roundtable event in London next Tuesday 8th October (5-7 pm) in Simmons & Simmons (Citypoint).  The roundtable will discuss how alternative data is being used for private equity deal sourcing, due diligence, and post-acquisition value creation. It will be a good way for firms to … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #27 – September 6th

Key Highlights  Alpha Capture First again! We are extremely excited to announce another pioneering addition to our Data Sourcing solution. Alpha Capture will officially launch at AI & Data Science in Trading Conference September 16th. Alpha Capture is the first tool to help buy-side firms identify and prioritize datasets that deliver actionable, alpha-generating data. With … Read more