Alternative Data Newsletter #36 – November 8th

Key Highlights 

Grab the last spot at our London Alternative Data Conference on the 15th of November. The event comes with an opportunity to get 1-on-1 meetings with the buyers along with a chance to participate and win the Alternate-Data Quiz.

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London Alternative Data Conference

  • Join us at our London conference on the 15th of November
  • An Eagle Alpha Referral Partner can attend one of our events for free. Contact us to become a referral partner and receive a complimentary London event ticket. 
  • This innovative event will see 50 alternative data providers and over 150 data buyers come together for a comprehensive one-day event that includes vendor presentations on forward-looking trade ideas, quality test results on vendors, and 1-on-1 meetings.
  • See the agenda for London here.

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Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Join our guest speakers Ed Lavery and Nathan Chang to gain key insights into how to succeed in the alternative data space. The webinar will be hosted at 11:30 am ET on the 21st of November. 

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Registration Open For NYC Flagship Conference

  • Join us at our flagship event in New York on January 16th
  • This will be our first event where all three verticals of data buyers will be catered for with presentations, workshops, and vendor meetings facilitating:
    • Buyside Funds.
    • Private Equity firms.
    • Corporates.

Key Note Speaker

  • We are excited to announce Elizabeth Pritchard as our Keynote Speaker at our annual Alternative Data Conference in London next week, 15th November. Elizabeth is currently the Founder of White Rock Data Solutions LLC. Elizabeth has held senior leadership roles with Goldman Sachs, AIG and Crux Informatics. She is a recently appointed Eagle Alpha board member.

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Active Data Requests

  • Inflation datasets
  • Datasets having India as coverage for systemized news, different things that impact NSE
    • Fundamental data on Indian Airlines
    • Futures data
  • Data on Private Equity and their portfolios capturing transaction, ownership, fundraising, etc
  • Data on cybersecurity breaches, data on tech stack of companies, Inflation related datasets, pricing dataset for commercial used car auctions (Adesa, Manheim, Traderev or ACVauctions)
  • Interest related data having global coverage.

 Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

Industry Intel

  • Corporates are becoming the biggest buyers of alternative data. This trend is being driven by CDOs who firstly get their internal house in order then bring in external data. Doing that requires more than just analytical and technical knowledge; it needs creativity, and that is where today’s CDOs are earning their money, rapidly emerging as some of the most valuable members of every business, across all industries. Click here to read the article.
  • Factset in this FT article discusses the attractiveness of the corporate verticals. As markets are increasingly moving towards artificial intelligence and machine learning, data providers are looking forward to more demand for data. ‘Financial information suppliers are on the hunt for new markets such as wealth management and corporate audience, as the decline of the traditional dealing floor makes it harder to sell data to traders.’ Click here to read more.
  • Analysts should monitor cliches being used in earning calls for signals. ‘New research suggests that it is not only politicians’ use of tired phrases that should raise suspicions. Hackneyed expressions used by corporate executives on earnings calls can be a sell signal for investors.’ Click here to read the article.

Events You Should Attend

Alternative Data Conference

  • London on November 15th,2019
  • NYC on January 16th,2020
  • The twelfth edition of the Vendor Solutions Webinar in on November 21st, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET. 

Contact to register your interest for the event. 

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