Alternative Data Vendor Newsletter #24 – August 16th

Key Highlights 

$2.4 Million Funding Raised

  • Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce the latest round of funding of over USD $2.4 million; our largest funding round to date. The funds will be used to further the expansion of Eagle Alpha’s talent and expertise. Eagle Alpha will hire additional data scientists and engineers to strengthen our technical focus. 
  • Eagle Alpha will hire additional data scientists and engineers to strengthen our technical focus. “With the support of our strategic investors we are accelerating the development of our technology solutions, expanding our number of data partners, increasing penetration of our existing buy-side vertical and paving the way for new verticals such as private equity and corporate entities,” said Emmett Kilduff.  

Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Save the data for Eagle Alpha’s Ninth Episode of Vendor Solutions Webinar on August 29th 11.30 am ET.
  • Our first speaker Natalie Aitken EMEA Investor Sales Director at  App Annie, will talk through her experiences on selling to the buy-side.
  • Our second guest speaker Corey Dean, Business Analyst at Blueshift Asset Management, LLC will talk through his experience on onboarding data vendors, sales cycle, and answer vendor queries. 

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Platform Update

  • Data vendors now have the ability to upload documents to their profile. Vendors are encouraged to upload sample data, data dictionary, case studies, legal & compliance documents, whitepapers, and a marketing deck to their profile. A dataset profile that includes sample data, data dictionary, and relevant documents, will enable the buyer to understand the deliverable and decide if they want to contact the vendor. 



    • Isabell Sheang, Chief Commercial Officer at Kavout, discusses Kavout’s machine learning-driven data products and services, specifically the rating and ranking solution K Score.
    • Kavout specializes in the application of machine learning technologies for the investment industry. We develop investment factors (single, multi, and ensembled factors) and signals, for investment managers as products or services.

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      Breakfast in China

      • This week, Hugh O’Connor, Eagle Alpha‘s Director of Data Sourcing & Partnerships shared unique insight into the APAC alternative data landscape at the Battle of the Quants “Breakfast in China” event in NYC. Hugh provided a detailed overview of datasets by category and country, top trending APAC datasets, case studies from leading providers and discussed the unique legal & compliance challenges sourcing data in China. 

      Ticker Signals

      • Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce the launch of their proprietary dataset Ticker Signals. Ticker Signals tracks investor attention towards stocks of the top 1,000 US companies by market capitalization by analyzing trends of over 3,500 online search terms on a weekly basis.
      • In addition to high frequency and wide coverage key features of Ticker Signals include:
        • Users have access to 10 years of historical data, mapped to an identifier of choice
        • Ticker Signals can be used as a predictor of trading volume, forthcoming market volatility as well as direct indication of future share price movement
      • Eagle Alpha offers a number of delivery options including the Eagle Edge dashboard solution and CSV.

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        Active Data Requests

        • US datacenter pricing in top US markets 
        • Risk exposure per stock to interest rate/FED FOMC decisions 
        • A dataset that tracks and monitor the scandals of board members/directors for China 
        • Data in the German economy  
          • Track and understand the health of the German Mittelstand.
          • Measure manufacturing output, transportation, hiring trends, etc

         Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

        Industry Intel

        • Forbes in one of its recent article by Alap Shah showcased the use of alternative data to predict the growth of Netflix. The author used alternative datasets to look for Twitter mentions, keywords in earning transcripts, and search volumes. ‘This is an incredibly powerful trend. While it can’t be taken in isolation as a predictor of NFLX stock price, this data can help an investor better understand a stock that doesn’t trade on traditional financial metrics.’
        • National Beverage last year with the lawsuit witnessed a threat to its reputation and also exposed itself to a more competitive landscape with Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. This resulted in declined sales figure and two consecutive quarters of negative growth. LinkUp’s job posts data and DataMonster’s proprietary projection reflects reduced efforts in hiring meaning a future disappointment for investors. Click here to read the article.
        • Bernard Moon states cultivated data as a gold rush but warns on data losing its value being over-processed.  the  ‘Cultivated data isn’t always about volume, variety or velocity of data — it’s more important for the output to be relevant and actionable.’ Companies can build a parallel revenue stream with their day to day data. Click here to read the article.

        Events You Should Attend

        Large Scale Access & Alpha Event:  

        • London in November. 

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        • The ninth edition of our Vendor Solutions webinar is on August 29th, at 11.30am ET – 12.30pm ET

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