Alternative Data Vendor Newsletter #23 – August 9th

Key Highlights 

$2.4 Million Funding Raised

  • Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce the latest round of funding of over USD $2.4 million; our largest funding round to date. The funds will be used to further the expansion of Eagle Alpha’s talent and expertise. Eagle Alpha will hire additional data scientists and engineers to strengthen our technical focus. 
  • Eagle Alpha will hire additional data scientists and engineers to strengthen our technical focus. “With the support of our strategic investors we are accelerating the development of our technology solutions, expanding our number of data partners, increasing penetration of our existing buy-side vertical and paving the way for new verticals such as private equity and corporate entities,” said Emmett Kilduff.  

Platform Update

  • We have added new features to our data vendor platform. Data vendors can now upload documents on their profile themselves. Vendors are encouraged to upload sample data, data dictionary, case studies, and marketing deck to their profile. A dataset profile that includes sample data, data dictionary, and relevant documents, will enable the buyer to understand the deliverable and decide if they want to contact the vendor. 

Vendor Solutions Webinar Panel Announcement

Join our monthly vendor webinar on August 29th 11.30 am ET to listen to our guest speakers share insights on selling to the buy-side:

    Corporate White Paper 

    • Eagle Alpha’s first whitepaper for corporates has been published. We illustrate how corporates can unlock the potential of alternative data for acquisition, competitive analysis, manufacturing, customer insights, R&D and more.  Download whitepaper


    Data Access

    • Vendors can benefit in the following ways by granting Eagle Alpha access to their data:  
    • More Free Leads: Upload sample data to your free profile on our platform. Profiles with sample data receive higher click-through rates and conversion to trial.  
    • Get Prioritized:
      1) The buy-side now has access to over 1,000 alternative datasets.
      2) Data set quality is a leading factor in which datasets are prioritized for testing.
      3) Vendors can now leverage Eagle Alpha’s proprietary quality testing tool “Eagle Eye” to verify your dataset quality.
      4) Vendors receive product feedback and have sign-off on publishing. 
    • Access New Users:  Eagle Edge democratizes data by allowing fundamental analyst and P.M’s without data-science expertise to access vendor data through bespoke dashboards. 
    • Grow Your Addressable Market: Eagle Alpha has developed a new solution which solves the access problem for Private Equity, allowing vendors to generate revenue from the due-diligence process. 

    Active Data Requests

    • Data to predict manufacturing output 
    • Data in the German economy 
      • Track and understand the health of the German Mittelstand.  
      • Measure manufacturing output, transportation, hiring trends, etc 
    • Data on Corporate labor rights 
    • A dataset that tracks scandals, the law breaks for directors, management teams 
    • Supply chain trade-credit repayment datasets 
      • how customers repay their suppliers 

     Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

    Industry Intel

    • Nasdaq CEO, Adena Friedman in her recent talk with Bloomberg stated that Nasdaq is more than just a stock exchange company. ‘Complacency is the killer of every great company’. It is spreading its arms to data, corporate services, and market technology. She claims that these are the fastest-growing verticals of Nasdaq’s business. One of the recent ventures being into sports betting by providing technology to a U.K based firm. Click here to read the article. 
    • A technology startup in London kept tracking Brasilia’s pension overhaul bill to predict if the bill would pass. Leveraging the machine learning, Arkera’s analyst provided a timely insight to hedge funds in New York and London.’ Using so-called artificial intelligence to automate swathes of the research process is quickly gaining traction because cost-conscious investment banks are downsizing.’ Click here to read the article. 
    • TwoSigma attributes its success to a scientific and technology-based culture within the firm. ‘Two Sigma is a technology company in the alternative industry, with all that implies —specifically, hiring and managing scientists, engineers, and academics to seek connections in the global markets.’ said Jones. TwoSigma in its strategies explore the potentials of computing and data. Click here to read the article.

    Events You Should Attend


    • App usage and web traffic data provider meeting discretionary fund in NYC on August 14th and 15th. 

    Roadshows yield higher conversion rates than any event. According to our roadshows in 2017 and 2018, the conversion rates to trials are over  60%. Contact to arrange your private roadshows with the funds. 

    Large Scale Access & Alpha Event:  

    • London in November. 

    Contact to register your interest for the event. 


    • The ninth edition of our Vendor Solutions webinar is on August 29th, at 11.30am ET – 12.30pm ET

    Contact to register for upcoming webinars.