Alternative Data Vendors Newsletter #17- 28th June,2019

Key Highlights 

Eagle Alpha on June 21st launched its new alternative data solutions for private equity due diligence. 

Private Equity Due Diligence 

  • Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce the launch of its new alternative data solution for private equity due diligence. The targeted solution will now enable private equity firms to acquire alternative data on a per company basis instead of an entire dataset and a pay-as-you-go basis over an annual license. 
  • To mark the launch of the new solution Eagle Alpha hosted a webinar on Tuesday 25th June. The webinar was attended by 50+ PE firms, we presented 4 case studies which highlighted how PE firms can use alternative data. 

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London Access & Alpha Event 

  • We have opened our registration of interest for London October 2019. Our last NYC event witnessed 500 buyside firms and 100 data vendors attending the event. 2000 one on one meetings were arranged with the buyside firms. Do not miss! 

Contact to register your interest for the event. 


Vendor solutions webinar: 

  • On June 26th we hosted seventh episode of vendor webinarOur guest speakers, Jonathan Neitzell will share insights on understanding end clients and accelerate the sales cycle.   
  • Key takeaways from Jonathan’s panel discussion: 
  1. Alternative data will become a universal language and next adopted method for decision making 
  2. Data requires assembling and making it relevant for the buy-side 
  3. Understand buyer’s thought process and their framework 
  4. Understand the buy-side KPIs and how data vendor can help them achieve their KPIs  
  • Top 3 tips to data vendors: 
  1. Understand customer’s process, time horizons
  2. Identify what tantamount success to end client 
  3. Data needs to be relevant to current process of the buy-side 

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Sample Data 

A dataset profile with sample data and data dictionary will help the buy side analyst to have a quick look and bring the dataset into their pipeline for contacting. Eagle Alpha has witnessed greater demand for datasets which attach sample data to their online profiles accompanied by a dataset schema document, affording the buy-side the opportunity to compare what’s expected against a real sample.  

To add data dictionary and sample data to your online profile please email   


Active Data Requests 

  • Data related to Chinese consumers: 
  1. Monitoring of social media brand strength 
  2. Popularity on WeChat covering WeChat Index, WeChat official accounts 
  3. Luxury brand such as Prada, Burberry, and Gucci 
  • Monitor pricing and offerings of mobile plans in China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand 
  • Excavators sales (small/ medium/ high) in China 
  • Electric vehicle sales by month, country, manufacturer and model having China & global coverage 
  • ESG data 
  1. Employee wellbeing, internal promotion rate, employee turnover, accident rates, legal contingency database. 
  • Terminal sales from hospitals & drug stores along with the inventory count in the system 
  • Pricing of drugs in China 
  • Sales/ penetration of Botox products in China 

Eagle Alpha has been successful to introduce responsive vendors of ‘Active Data Requests’ to our clients. Two data vendors have been introduced to funds in the past four weeks. Email at if you can help with the above queries. 

 Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

Industry Intel 

  • Berkley’s visiting professors give wine markets a data driven approach. The algorithm built takes into factors such as temperature, precipitation and others to build a realistic pricing for distributors and consumers ‘The algorithmic pricing system is expected to shake up the wine futures market, but also to make it less risky, since investors will have a data-driven price for the first time and winemakers will know what price to set for their young wines.’  Click here to read the article. 
  • From a recent academic paper on the benefits of using satellite data. ‘The advantages of trading based on satellite imagery of parking lot traffic—found that the strategy can indeed deliver a significant boost for investors savvy enough to exploit it. Traders can accurately anticipate earnings news based on parking lot volume and earn significantly more than a typical benchmark return.’ Click here to read the article. 
  • DaaS is not really SaaS … and it is not Computer either’.  Auren Hoffman highlights the importance data companies, who can exist just by delivering the right data in a right format. A data company can have the capability to compete on price with its competitors and yet gain market share. Auren also highlights the importance of maintaining historical element of data. Click here to read the article.  


Events You Should Attend 

Large Scale Access & Alpha Event:  

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  • Eight monthly vendor webinar will be hosted on July 25th at 11.30- 12.30 ET  

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