Alternative Data Vendors Newsletter #16- 21st June,2019

Key Highlights

1000+ alternative data vendors have created their profile on the  Eagle Alpha platform 

1000+ Datasets  
  • We now have 1003 alternative datasets profiled on the Eagle Alpha platform. Data vendors can create their profile for free on our platform to generate exposure to the buy side firms. Our platform provides a comprehensive view of listed datasets. Our clients can log in to our platform and find information on your datasets. 

Sample Data 
  • A dataset profile with sample data and data dictionary will help the buy side analyst to have a quick look and bring the dataset into their pipeline for contacting. Eagle Alpha has witnessed greater demand for datasets which attach sample data to their online profiles accompanied by a dataset schema document, affording the buy-side the opportunity to compare what’s expected against a real sample.  

To add data dictionary and sample data to your online profile please email   

Vendor solutions webinar: 
  • On June 26th we will host our monthly vendor webinar to educate vendors on selling their data to the buy side. Our guest speakers, Jonathan Neitzell will share insights on understanding end clients and accelerate the sales cycle.   

PE Club :  
  • Increase your revenue by joining Eagle Alpha’s “PE Club”. If your dataset can help PE funds screen interesting companies to consider investing in please reach out. The deadline for joining the “PE club” is June 25th. Don’t miss out! 

Data Access:  
  • Vendors can benefit in the following ways by granting Eagle Alpha access to their data:  
  • More Free Leads: Upload sample data to your free profile on our platform. Profiles with sample data receive higher click-through rates and conversion to trial.  
  • Get Prioritized:
    1) The buy-side now has access to over 1,000 alternative datasets.
    2) Data set quality is a leading factor in which datasets are prioritized for testing.
    3) Vendors can now leverage Eagle Alpha’s proprietary quality testing tool “Eagle Eye” to verify your dataset quality.
    4) Vendors receive product feedback and have sign-off on publishing. 
  • Access New Users:  Eagle Edge democratizes data by allowing fundamental analyst and P.M’s without data-science expertise to access vendor data through bespoke dashboards. 
  • Grow Your Addressable Market: Eagle Alpha has developed a new solution which solves the access problem for Private Equity, allowing vendors to generate revenue from the due-diligence process.  


Active Data Requests

  • Quant fund seeking healthcare and redemption data 
  • Data providing insights into the chemicals industry including but not limited to: 
  1. Market share 
  2. Customer relationships 
  3. Supply chain 
  4. Energy prices 
  5. US environmental regulation 
  • Macro datasets 
  • Datasets with metals information covering estimates, projections/actual inventory, info on any metals not restricted to Commodity trading warehouse data. 

  Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top

Industry Intel

  • Liquidnet expands it’s Artificial Intelligence investment analytics arm with the acquisition of Prattle. The acquisition will help them leverage Prattle’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) system to generate sentimental analysis and foresee the market impact of publicly available data. Click here to read the article 
  • Big data is swiftly making its mark in marketing space. Predictive marketing is not only be used to analyze past trends but also helping with future forecasts. The paradigm shift of marketing from traditional to digital, data is being used to focus on online marketing campaigns. Sophisticated techniques to analyze and utilize data are being incorporated to make better marketing decisions. Click here to read the article 
  • Forbes in this article highlights the need for the data to be embedded as a culture than just investments. Studies show that 87% of industry executives are inclined to invest in data-driven initiatives but fail to create a confident data culture within the organization. The article suggests 7 initiatives to move towards adoption of data culture such as ‘building data strategy taskforce’,’ a roadmap for data monetization optimization’. 

Events You Should Attend

Large Scale Access & Alpha Event:  

  • PE due diligence solutions webinar for Eagle Alpha’s ‘PE Club’ members on June 25th 
  • Seventh monthly vendor webinar will be hosted on June 20th at 11.30 – 12.30 E.T 
  • Eight monthly vendor webinar will be hosted on July 25th at 11.30- 12.30 ET  

Contact to register for upcoming webinars.