Alternative Data Vendors Newsletter #4- 29th March,2019

Key Highlights Eagle Alpha hosted its fourth monthly webinar on 28th March. Stanislas Rohmer, Head of Sales and Marketing at SESAMm joined as a panel and shared tips on Selling to the buy-side. To learn more about Eagle Alpha’s online solutions, contact Eagle Alpha conducted a survey with the buy-side firms at our Singapore event on March 22nd, 2019.Key insights from survey results:   … Read more

Alternative Data Vendors Newsletter #3- 22nd March,2019

Key Highlights Eagle Alpha successfully hosted its first event of 2019 in Singapore on March 22. The event was attended by 15 handpicked data vendors and 35 buyside firms. 300 one on one meetings were arranged between funds and data vendors. The event helped data vendors to pitch to APAC data buyers and also gain insights on how best … Read more

Alternative Data Vendors Newsletter #2 – March 15th, 2019

Key Highlights Eagle Alpha has begun quality testing partner vendor datasets using our Eagle Eye platform. Due to the variety of datasets available, we work with partner vendors to tailor the testing to the specific characteristics of your data, producing in-depth reporting of your dataset’s characteristics of coverage, history, completeness, and trend robustness available to our buyside clients, some … Read more