Helping Alternative Data Vendors Succeed

Since 2012, Over 1000 Companies Have Leveraged
Our Solutions To Monetize Their Data


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Joint Ventures

Eagle Alpha partners with the owners of unique data
to build a new product for the buy-side

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Dashboards (Direct Selling)

We build and direct sell tailored dashboards for partner datasets, broadening the addressable market of end users


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PE "DD Club"(Direct Sales)

New alternative data solution for private equity due diligence

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Sales Surge

                                          Solutions created to help data vendors overcome marketing,                                       legal & compliance and sales obstacles

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Sales Referral

We consistently provide fully qualified sales leads to over 100 Eagle Alpha partners

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We offer free marketing to our global client base for vendors
which create and manage their profile on our platform

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Monthly Vendor Solutions Webinar

Our complimentary monthly webinar is designed to help vendors succeed in monetizing data.

Eagle Alpha is a recognized leader in the alternative space. For example, white papers by Citi, JPMorgan, BoA and Deloitte have all profiled the company.

Data Monetization White Paper

Eagle Alpha has published a white paper to provide data owners with advice on how to sell their data to asset managers.

Use Case

Eagle Alpha has published a report regarding use cases of Alternative Data. gives you access to the views of thought leaders in the alternative data space.